Bourn Surgery

25 Alms Hill, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2SH
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Dr. Michael D. Redwood | Dr. Cynthia A. Lalli | Dr Vanessa Lockyer | Dr Francesca Frame

Named GP

At Bourn Surgery we have always operated a “Named GP” Service for our patients. NHS England have now asked all practices to offer the same, and ensure patients know who their “Named GP” is. Patients are informed at the point of registration with the practice, but the following list is provided as a reminder:

Dr M Redwood
Arrington, Bourn, The Eversdens, Kingston, Longstowe,

Dr C Lalli

Dr V Lockyer
Caxton, The Gransdens, Toft

Dr F Frame
Comberton, Hardwick, Dry Drayton

If you are unsure who your named GP is please ask any member of staff. All patients remain welcome to see any GP

within the practice, though we encourage continuity with the same GP where possible. Home visits and administrative work will be carried out by your “Named GP” as listed above.