Contact Us Online

We are pleased to announce that we have now launched our new Online Consultation system for patients at Bourn Surgery. Click here to contact us online.

When you click on the “Contact us Online” button on the surgery website homepage you will be directed to the Patient Online contact page. You will then be able to follow the step by step instructions to submit an admin query (for example if you’d like to ask about a recent test result, or to ask for a new medical certificate for work) or a medical query about a new or ongoing symptom.

We hope that this service will be helpful for patients with non-urgent needs who might be finding the telephone lines busy.

Please note this is NOT for urgent medical needs. If you need help urgently please call the usual reception phone line.

Please note we will answer queries to the best of our ability in a timely manner, and will respond to all within 4 days, but sometimes the advice will be that you need to book a physical appointment to best manage your health issue. This system will work alongside our usual Online Appointment booking system via SystemOnline and the NHS App.

Please do not use this system to request your usual repeat prescriptions, you will be directed back to the many ways you can request these (paper repeat slips, via SystemOnline or via the NHS APP).