Asthma Control Test

Annual Asthma Review

After completing the questionnaire below and working out your score please submit this to us, If based on your score we feel you ought to be seen we will contact you. If, however your score indicates that your asthma is stable and under control we will update your records and complete the asthma medication review.


The Asthma Control Test™ will provide you with a snapshot of how well your asthma has been controlled over the last four weeks, giving you a simple score out of 25. Asthma symptoms can vary from month to month, so it is worth keeping the test handy to see if your score changes. You can also share your results with your doctor or asthma nurse to help explain just how your asthma affects you.

Are you in control of your asthma? Or is your asthma in control of you? Here’s how to find out

Step 1: Read each question below carefully, and tick the option that applies.

Step 2: Add up each of your five scores to get your total Asthma Control Test™ score.

Step 3: Use the score guide to learn how well you are controlling your asthma.

Asthma Control Test


Score:25 – WELL DONE

  • Your asthma appears to have been UNDER CONTROL over the last 4 weeks.
  • However, if you are experiencing any problems with your asthma, you should see your doctor or nurse.

Score: 20 to 24 – ON TARGET

  • Your asthma appears to have been REASONABLY WELL CONTROLLED during the past 4 weeks.
  • However, if you are experiencing symptoms your doctor or nurse may be able to help you.

Score: less than 20 – OFF TARGET

  • Your asthma may NOT HAVE BEEN CONTROLLED during the past 4 weeks.
  • Your doctor or nurse can recommend an asthma action plan to help improve your asthma control
  • Please make an appointment with your Asthma Nurse at the Practice

What can you do now?

Like many other people in the UK, it is possible that your asthma could have less impact on your everyday life. You can get a free pack full of information about how to take control of your asthma, including an action plan to fill in with your doctor or asthma nurse, from Asthma UK.