NHS Diabetes Prevention

Are you at risk of developing diabetes?

There are many people who are at risk of developing diabetes, if after reading the following information you believe you are at risk, please contact the surgery to arrange a health check (eligible if you are over 40 years) or a blood test to check for pre-diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes risk factors:

  • If you’re over 40 and white, or over 25 and African-Caribbean, Black-African, Chinese or South Asian
  • Family history of diabetes
  • You’re overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • History of a heart attack or stroke
  • History of schizophrenia, bipolar illness or depression, or if you are receiving treatment with anti-psychotic medication
  • You’ve had polycystic ovaries, gestational diabetes, or a baby weighing over 10 pounds

You can’t change some of these risk factors. But others you can.


Know your risk

Diabetes UK have an interactive risk calculator on their website.  Please follow the link below:



How can you reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes?

The risk of Type 2 diabetes can be reduced significantly by reducing weight, increasing physical activity and improving your diet.

There is general advice about making lifestyle changes on the NHS website



NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

There is also a local Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme which can support you in taking action to lower your risk or even stop you developing Type 2 diabetes.


YOU CAN SELF REFER by calling 0800 092 1191

  • You will need to know your NHS number and your most recent HbA1c blood test result.

Find out more via the website here

Or download the patient information leaflet:

HealthierYouLeaflet_v3 diabetes prevention patient leaflet Dec 2020


On referral the health coach will conduct an individual assessment, including a BMI check and, where appropriate, very brief advice on smoking cessation.

Participants then attend thirteen 90 minute group sessions over 40 weeks. They receive extensive supporting resources, including handouts, trackers and a pedometer.

Designed by experts, the multi-component intervention is underpinned by a decade of research into community-based diabetes prevention and includes:

• Be Aware – Understanding health risks

• Eat Well – Nutrition guidance

• Take Control – Behaviour change

• Move More – Physical activity support

For those who are not able to attend our group sessions, they can access the service through a digital app provided by our partner Our Path.



Who is eligible for the Healthier You: NHS diabetes prevention programme?

  • Aged over 18 years
  • HbA1c of 42-47 I n the last 12 months(a blood test available via health check)
  • Not currently pregnant
  • Able to take part in light/moderate physical activity
  • Not already diagnosed with diabetes
  • Registered with a GP practice in Cambridge and Peterborough


Referral information

If you have been told you are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and haven’t already been referred to our service you can:

  1. Self-refer by contacting:
  2. Ask your GP, nurse or NHS Health Check professional to refer you to your local Healthier You programme – please book an appointment with them