Intrauterine Contraception


Coming for a coil fit

Before you can book an appointment for your first intrauterine device, you will need a telephone appointment with Dr Frame or Dr Keller to ensure this is the most suitable contraception for you. You may be asked to take a chlamydia swab or come in for an examination before we book your clinic appointment.

Appointments last half an hour and will be with a specialist GP and nurse assistant.


Information you need before an intrauterine device fit

We would recommend you watch this short video which gives you useful information on different intrauterine contraceptive devices and describes the procedure 


Self-take a chlamydia swab

This video gives instructions on how to self-take a chlamydia swab. You can collect a test kit and form from reception, and return your completed, labelled, sample to us at least a week before your fit appointment.


Preparation For Insertion of an Intrauterine Device or System

We are keen to make your clinic visit as straightforward and streamlined as possible. We will try to insert an IUD / IUS for you at our contraception clinic therefore it is important that you have read all the information and are suitable for the procedure on the day you come. You can also discuss other methods with us as well and ask any questions.