Asthma questionnaire can be downloaded here:

Asthma questionnaire website

Managing your asthma

Asthma is a long-term, chronic condition that can affect both children and adults. It is a common condition, which affects some people all year round, and other people at certain times of the year only. Some people need to take medication (usually inhalers) every day to control their asthma; other people only need to take medication every now and then. Everyone with asthma should have a review annually by their GP or asthma nurse.

At Bourn Surgery we are changing the way that we look after people with asthma. You should be used to having an annual asthma review, either with a GP or nurse. We are now planning to arrange for each review to happen in the month of your birth (unless otherwise agreed during your asthma review). When this review is due, we will contact you (usually by SMS) to let you know. We will ask you to fill in an Asthma Questionnaire. This can either be done via SystmOnline, our online access programme, or by downloading and completing the questionnaire (see link at top of page) and sending it back to us by email. We would recommend signing up for online access via SystmOnline, as the questionnaire can be submitted directly into your medical record through this route. In order to access SystmOnline, please sign up for the free NHS App which will confirm your identity. Once you have done this, please contact Bourn Surgery by telephone or email to request online access via SystmOnline.

When we receive your completed questionnaire, the GP or asthma nurse will review your records and the questionnaire results. Based on this we will either contact you to arrange a telephone appointment, or your asthma review will be completed remotely and you will be notified that this has happened.

Please contact us at the Surgery if you have any questions or concerns about this process.

Helpful sources of information about asthma can be found at:


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