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If you would like to know more about all methods of contraception, there is clear and helpful information available here:

Family Planning: You can book an appointment at any time to discuss your contraception needs. To book a consultation please contact reception or click here to consult with the team online.

Emergency contraception:

If you are worried that you have forgotten or missed pills, you may need emergency contraception 

If in doubt, please contact the surgery for advice as soon as possible. offer same day advice, prescriptions, and when possible, emergency IUDs (contraceptive coil).  You can also get advice and prescriptions from pharmacies and online. iCash

Annual contraception medication reviews – Contraceptive pills and injections

If you are receiving a repeat prescription for your contraception we will review this annually, and send you an online questionnaire to make sure it is still safe to prescribe for you. We will review your answers, and contact you if we need more information. 

Injectable contraceptions:

After an initial GP appointment to prescribe your injections, nurses give Depo provera injections in clinic, or we can arrange to teach you to use Sayana Press at home. This is the same hormone as in the depo-provera injection, but the injection goes under the skin rather than into a muscle. It can be given easily at home by yourself or your partner four times a year. Here is a clear video demonstration of self administration of Sayana Press

Long Acting Reversible Contraception – Implants and Intrauterine devices

Dr Frame and Dr Keller provide specialist contraceptive implant and intrauterine device fitting in regular Friday morning clinics. Find out more below and to book a consultation please contact reception or click here to consult with the team online. After we have spoken to you we aim to offer everyone a fit-appointment within 6 weeks, prioritised according to clinical need. It is important to remain on your current contraception during this time. Alternative provision can be found at iCash

Intra-uterine contraception

Sub dermal Implants

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