Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT

HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is it and why might I need or want it?


As women enter the menopause, they no longer produce an egg-ovulation-each month. As a result, the level of the hormone Oestrogen declines. This can cause many symptoms, including irregular or heavier menstrual bleeding, hot flushes, night sweats, dry skin, low mood, low libido, and vaginal dryness making intercourse uncomfortable.


HRT ( Hormone replacement therapy) is the replacement of the female hormones Oestrogen, and sometimes also Progesterone


How can I find out more about HRT?


To find out more about the different types of HRT, and the risks and benefits of taking HRT, please click on the link below:





How can I arrange to discuss starting HRT?

I’m on HRT but I’m having problems


To discuss whether HRT is right for you, or to discuss any problems you might be having with your current prescription, please call Bourn Surgery to arrange a routine telephone or face to face consult with a clinician


Supply of HRT


Currently there is a national shortage of all forms of HRT. Bourn Surgery will try to source your existing prescription, but if that is not possible, we will issue it’s nearest equivalent. Sometimes it may be necessary to discuss switching you to another form.


Review of existing HRT prescriptions during COVID-19


If your HRT medication review date is due, your GP will allow up to another 12 months without seeing you, providing you have been stable on your current prescription


If, however, you would like a review, please contact the surgery to arrange a routine telephone review with a clinician.