Support for Carers

Are you a carer?

Bourn Surgery wants to ensure that we are aware of any patient who is also caring for another person.  Up to 10% of the population is providing informal care to a family member or friend, many of these carers are unrecognised and unsupported.
A carer is defined as an individual, irrespective of age, who provides or supervises a substantial amount of care on a regular basis to someone (such as a relative, partner, friend or neighbour) who is unable to manage on their own. This can be due to a variety of factors such as illness, disability, frailty, mental distress, impairment or substance abuse.
A carer can be a child looking after an older person or parent, or an older person looking after a disabled partner. The definition may be quite wide-ranging.
The term “carer” would not normally apply if the person is:
·   a paid carer
·   a volunteer from a voluntary agency
·   anyone providing personal assistance for payment either in cash or kind
Bourn Surgery is committed to identifying patients who are carers, supporting them as carers, and arranging onward referral to local support services as needed.
Carers health can suffer due to their caring commitments, leading to poorer long term health.  We are now providing annual carer’s health checks, and you would be eligible for free NHS ‘flu vaccination.
If you are a carer as described above, we want to hear from you to ensure that we are offering you the support that you need. Please speak to Reception or book an appointment for a carer’s health check with your GP in order to discuss this further. 
Caring Together (previously known as The Carer’s Trust) are the local organisation providing help and support to carers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Although we can refer you, you can also self-refer to them directly.
Information on how to do this, and much more about what they do and the support they can offer can be found here.


CARING TOGETHER – the New Name for the Carers Trust

Please have a look at their website at

You can call them for advice and support on 0345 241 0954 .


What sort of things do they offer:

  • They can offer a supportive Listening Ear where carers can talk to trained volunteers about the challenges they face.
  • They can help put together a “What If” Emergency Care plan for if you as a carer are suddenly taken ill or unable to care for them.  This includes emergency care for up to 24hrs when necessary.
  • They can help you access advice about your rights as a carer and any financial support you are entitled too.
  • They can support you to access Carers Assessments


Support for Young Carers from as young as 5 years old:

  • Information, advice and peer support in the community and schools
  • Residential courses and trips away to give young carers both a break and chance to be a child.
  • respite breaks for older children