Test Results

Results and Investigations

Blood and other pathology results are usually available within 5 working days of the test being taken.

If your results are normal and no further action is required, we will not routinely contact you.

The easiest way to view your results is to request online access to your full medical record, you will then be able to view results once filed by your GP.

You may submit an enquiry about your tst results using the Contact us Online option via the website – use the “consult with your doctor online button on the homepage”.

Alternatively you may telephone for your results:

image depicting blood samples
  • Our receptionists are only allowed to inform patients if their result is normal, they are not able to advise any further.
  • The nurse is available between 12.30 to 1.00pm if you wish to discuss your results.

Please ensure we have up to date contact details for you, including a mobile phone number, in case of abnormal test results.  We are using SMS messaging where possible to ask patients to make follow up appointments.


All clinician requested specimens should be put in the specimen box by reception.  Please ensure they are clearly labelled with your name and date of birth, and the date the specimen was obtained.  We are unable to process any unlabelled specimens. All samples should be dropped into the practice before 3:30pm so we can ensure it is included in our final courier collection.

Urine Specimens

Urine Specimens - we will only accept urine samples that have been specifically requested by a clinician.  If you feel you have a urinary tract infection please request a telephone appointment with a clinician, they will be able to advise whether a specimen is needed.